Michael E. Byczek

Standardized Will Options

In addition to customized options, there are 26 common will scenarios available as fill-in-the-blank PDF documents to avoid making private disclosures to an attorney. Simply select the version appropriate for your needs and fill-in the blank spaces.

Fill-in-the-blank Options

These options provide a multi-page will for two witnesses to sign, a one-page affidavit additional to the will for the witnesses to notarize that they verify the will's validity, and every page of the will has notary blanks to prevent pages from a multi-page document being switched and replaced.

The primary distinction is how to distribute property. A sole beneficiary receives all property. It's a good idea to list an alternate sole beneficiary in case the primary passed away before you update the will. There is also an option to split your property between multiple beneficiaries, both primary and alternate.

Unmarried without Children

Unmarried with Children (all adults)

Unmarried with Children (at least one is a minor)

Married without Children

Married with Children (all adults)

Married with Children (at least one is a minor)

What you need to complete the will

Depending on which version you select, all or some of the following criteria is needed to finish the will.

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