Michael E. Byczek

Real Estate Services

I work with sellers and buyers in the residential real estate market, along with all parties to a commercial transaction. The seller side of a transaction primarily involves valuation of the property based on comparable listings and recent sales using data analytics. This requires a detailed assessment of properties to show prospective buyers an accurate market value. Other steps involve documenting all aspects of a property that includes a detailed property description, utilities, taxes, floor plans, photos, videos, and legal documents. The buyer side of a transaction involves locating all properties in a particular geographical area that meets a client's criteria and using data analytics to select the best offer price. I also work with homeowners to file property assessment tax appeals to county and state government agencies.

Data-driven research is used to locate comparable properties based on age, square footage, construction, and proximity along with a detailed search report. This has involved custom development and regular enhancements to a comprehensive analytics platform along with web-based review tools scalable to index every residential home in Illinois for homeowners. This offers the benefit from instant evaluation of all comparable properties for reduced tax assessments.

Tax Appeals:

Sales Contract: Packages for sellers or buyers that include sales disclosure forms (i.e. lead paint).

Real Estate Deed: With or without filing the documents with the county.

Closings: Full Representation for sellers and buyers or assistance to handle the closing on your own behalf.

Mortgage Renegotiation: Communicate with bank for mortgages that are "under water" or for a short sale.

Title Search and Historical Ownership Report: Index of transactions for your property.

Lease Agreement: Contract and disclosure forms to rent an apartment.

Commercial Properties:


All legal services are only available to Illinois residents and businesses.

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