Michael E. Byczek

Patent Services

I conduct intellectual property research (patent, trademark, and copyright) on behalf of clients and have an excellent demonstrated record of communication with colleagues, business owners, engineers, and investors. These projects involve highly technical subject matter that includes the most innovative technologies in the world and time-intensive deadlines to submit registration material to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and direct communication with clients.

The research phase involves a deep assessment of a client's idea compared against millions of patents already registered in the U.S. and foreign agencies, pending applications, scientific journals, websites, social media, and various other sources to determine whether the innovation is truly novel and useful.

Python-based data analytics is used for a central repository about new inventions and business activity to make predictions about consumer habits, revenue growth, competition, infringement, and assessment of similar applications. Data science projects have utilized machine learning processes and common algorithms with the Python scikit-learn package for analysis and extraction of knowledge from ten million U.S. patent registrations.

Patent Search:

Claims: Assistance with writing claims that describe precisely what is being patented.

Drawings: Technical drawings that graphically show how the invention works.

Application: Assistance with organizing the application components and writing the specification that explains everything about the invention and why it deserves patent protection.

Infringement Search: An Internet search (i.e. websites and social media) to determine if somebody is selling your patent.

Provisional Application: Assistance with organizing all requirements to submit an application.

Design Patent Application: Assistance with organizing all application requirements.


All legal services are only available to Illinois residents and businesses. Michael E. Byczek does not submit patent documents or communicate with the USPTO. All above services are intended to assist the client with submitting an application to the USPTO on their own behalf.

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